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Who We Are

Amoud Foundation is a non-profit organization based and incorporated in the State of Texas. Amoud Foundation's mission is to relief the suffering of the poor from Horn of Africa to anywhere in the world helps is needed by supporting the establishment of hospitals, educational facilities, orphanages, community wells, and providing other relief services such as, emergency food and shelters to victims of famine and natural disasters. Our efforts also extend to West Africa, Syria, The Philippines, and Bolivia.
Our Tax ID is 75-2882187

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Current Projects

Some of our current/on-going projects...

Aug22 2014

(Reuters) - War-ravaged Somalia is hurtling towards a second famine in three years that could be prevented if...

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Below is a message from one of the IMAMS of the camp Asalamu alaikum, Kindly find...

Imam at Dadaab Refugee Camp
Dadaab, Kenya
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Al-Hayatt Medical Center
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